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Hire the Top 1% of
AI & Mobile Developers
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Hire like the best in the business

our developers have driven success at leading companies around the globe

Why us?

  • Our competitors (ie. Toptal) are 24% more expensive than Blueprint Architects™
  • How?  As a boutique firm, we have lower overhead (virtual offices, $0 marketing spend, etc) and we pass these savings to you

  • Employers spend an average of 13 hours per week to recruit one developer
  • Blueprint clients only spend 2 hours per week recruiting one developer (85% less)

  • Blueprint Skillscreen™ is our propriety method to find the Top 1% of Mobile Devs
  • Successful candidates are awarded the Blueprint Architect™ certification
  • Blueprint uses senior developers to vet candidates — competitors don’t.

  • All Blueprint Architects™ are backed by a 2-week, risk-free guarantee
  • Avg Blueprint developer tenure: 2+ yrs
  • Avg contract renewal rate: 91%

How do we find the best talent?

Step 1

Step 1: Language and Culture

• Candidates must first pass Blueprint’s screening for culture and craftsmanship.
• “Craftsmanship” - searching for candidates who are natural leaders, innately curious, and passionate developers

Step 2

Step 2: Coding Challenge

• A mixture of technical and theoretical assessments, developers are challenged by a proctored coding challenge
• Minimum Score: 90th Percentile

Step 3

Step 3: VP/CTO Screen

• Of the 3.5% of developers who reach this stage, candidates are interviewed by CTOs and VPs to deep dive on the candidates skills.
• Undergoing our proprietary combination of tests, this gauntlet is a rigorous challenge of skill, creativity, and IQ

Step 4

Step 4: Take Home Projects

• You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?
• Blueprint Tip: Provide us your take home challenges, and we’ll do the work for you

Step 5

Welcome to Blueprint Architects™

• Filtering for only the Top 1%, Blueprint Architects™ are best in class
• Once awarded the Blueprint Architect™ Certification, these devs are now ready for your team

Companies we work with are backed by

We’ve worked with some of the most prominent VCs in the industry.



"Blueprint Apps' efforts improved app quality, bug rate, and user engagement. Their collaborative approach resulted in a positive working relationship. Further, they demonstrated excellent communication through regular meetings and emails. The team's timeliness and quality outputs stood out."

Brooks- Senior Product Manager, Mindstrong

"Their native iOS development is particularly impressive because that’s what they specialize in."

Brian- CTO, Pushpress

"Blueprint Apps’ work was stunning. The team maintained high levels of quality, punctuality, and service. Clients can expect a unique solution that takes into account market factors as well as niche needs."

Gerald- CEO, Ballers Bridge

"The number one thing is their sheer transparency. They give optionality in terms of the direction to go to stay within budget and give us the flexibility to work within those constraints. The team is easygoing, focused, and knowledgeable. The key differentiator is the knowledge they have, as well as the overall experience."

Joy- CEO, ReTell

"One of the developers managed to solve a very difficult bug to track down related to switching views. He then gave a presentation to the rest of the mobile team on how he managed to fix it as it was quite impressive. Both developers showed pride in their work -- They felt like employees."

Shane- VP of Engineering, Homer Learning

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About us

    • Founded by a mobile architect (ex IBM) and sr recruiter (ex Salesforce), Blueprint is a boutique staffing org, focused on mobile developers for emerging startups.


  • Our talent is best in class and we measure our success in the quality of our relationships. Distributed across the globe, we’re excited to bring your mobile app ideas to life.

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